My own node PROMO

Hello community, ForFun team has new promo action for you.

As you probably remember, not so long ago our team bought 30 000 ForFun coins from market and stored them at this wallet: 3PCXEAeXZfGih214nkqz6WR9PaACVRjdNAh

Now we want to give them back to the community, the rules of promo are very simple:

  1. You must buy 8000 ForFun coins at waves dex
  2. You must post your waves wallet address at comment section below
  3. Wait up to 24 hours (we must check your wallet), and you will get 2000 ForFun coins for FREE
  4. Now you are a NODE owner, and you will get 3% monthly rewards

promotion pool: 20 000 ForFun coins (10 slots)

still left: 10 000 ForFun coins (5 slots)

Join our PROMO and get 2000 ForFun coins

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